Champion GymnasticsChampion Gymnastics is a unique program designed to develop young athletes in gymnastics while allowing the child to develop as an individual.

Gymnasts are trained in the disciplines utilizing the same apparatus used in competition. Instruction in the proper use of the beam is accomplished with progression from the ground level Beam designed to teach balance and coordination to beginner to intermediate skilled participants to our competition height balance beams. We provide training pads which widen the foot placement area to help ease the transition to the higher level.

The gym has a full array of bars to develop all of the skills required to compete. Our Parallel Bars help develop upper body strength and increase confidence and balance. Advancement to the kip bars provides stability for developing higher level skills. Our competition quality Uneven Bars provide our participants with the ability to develop their bar routines with confidence.

Our vault training area includes a padded runway, a variety of springboards designed to propel gymnasts to the proper height for their program, and our vault pad.

Gymnasts utilize the spring floor to perform their choreographed dance routines for the floor exercise portion of the competition. The gym is equipped with a professional sound system to allow the athletes to build syncopated timing into their routines.

The ring exercises are performed on our still rings, While we provide ropes for developing additional upper body strength and coordination.


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